Monday, October 7, 2013

Frank Kozik x Outsmart Originals for NYCC

    One day when this whole blog thing pays off and Hollywood is begging me to write blockbusters (I'm not really that delusional I swear) I'm gonna need some new meeting shirts.  You can't go in wearing a suit and tie, because then you're playing their game.  You have to let them know that you hold all the cards; you're a rebel and you play by your own rules, which you don't have cause then you would have to break those too cause that's how much of a rebel you are.  

    These new shirts from Frank Kozik and Outsmart Originals will work just fine.  They both say "hey, maybe this dude isn't completely with it, but he's a genius and we should give him a truck full of money."  I have been known to read too much into things, but that's what I hear em saying.  And no, they aren't actually talking to me because I take my medication every day to stop that sort of thing from happening.  

    You can get em booth by visiting the fine folks at booth #208 at New York Comic Con or by going online right now to

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