Thursday, October 17, 2013

Toy Art Gallery Exclusive Deathshead S'Murk from David Flores x Black Book Toy

    I've seen this figure in a load of color combinations, but this simple black and white scheme is by far the best.  I thought I would like the blue version, because it is the same as the obvious inspiration behind the toy, but the simplicity of this paint job really allows you to appreciate the detail of the toy.  And it tastes like chicken.

    That is my restaurant critic review of this Deathshead S'murk from David Flores and Black Book Toys.  This is why no one ever calls me back when I want to write for their magazine.  I do so well, then my brain has a need to force something ridiculous in at the end.  My mind is the evil saboteur of my writing career;  it is Jekyl and Hyde.  By the way, if anyone is reading this that wants to hire me I'm totally ready and swear I could get my crap together.

    The toy you see up there is an exclusive to Toy Art Gallery and will be going on sale tomorrow at noon Pacific time.  It's limited to 50 pieces and will retail for $95.  

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