Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seen at NYCC 2013: Kris Dulfer/Kid Ink Industries

    Kris Dulfer is a dude I've known for a bit online but never had the chance to meet in person, until New York Comic Con.  He is truly as nice of a guy as he is a great artist and it is really a pleasure to share his work with you.  It was great too to see a lot of these pieces in person rather than just pictures online, as you can better appreciate the craftsmanship and the personality of each one when they're right in front of you.  Check out some of the pictures of his work and then pay his store a visit to add some of it to your collection.

    This was a collaboration between Kris and DuBose Art.  Dubose made the praying mantis while Kris made these cool treasure boxes that they stood on.  

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