Saturday, October 5, 2013

You Want More Suburban Vinyl NYCC Exclusives? You Got Em!

     I'm exhausted trying to keep up with the flood of New York Comic Con exclusives.  I'm gonna need a vacation after all of this to let my brain heal.  Suburban Vinyl is trying to break a Guiness world record with all of these toys that you won't be able to find anywhere else, so let's see some more of what they'll have available.

    They say that one is the loneliest number.  It's also the most limited anything can be without it not existing at all.  You are a true toy pimp if you have a one of a kind item in your collection, cause when you die you could have that sucker buried with you and no one else will ever be able to own it.  I would totally have someone take a picture of me with it in my coffin and then post it on every message board they could, just so it would infuriate everyone.  And then hopefully someone would dig me up just to get it, and I would be holding a sign that says "Sucker" and the toy would be hidden away somewhere, prompting an Indiana Jones-type adventure.  That will be my legacy.  

   Maybe the wild chase will involve one of these customs from Mechavirus.  Only one of each exists in the whole wide world.  The Ammonaito that you see up there will be $150 and the RAOH you see below will be $375.

    Look how cute these little Vampire Droplets are from Nemo.  He made 10 of these precious little drops of blood in each color that you see here.  The red and green will be $50 while the glow in the dark will be $30.  

    These, however, are not cute.  They scare me a little.  How do I know you're just hear to do a bit of painting and not to steal my soul and eat it for lunch?  I don't know and that's why you will not be allowed in to help me redecorate.  This is why I never answer ads on Craigslist for professional folks, cause you always end up with some creepy druids that swear they know what's wrong with your washing machine.  Nemo made 5 of each colorway of these and they will be $175 each.  

    JFury has two more resin creations lined up for this year's con.  Five of the Blue Stuff Lonely Yeti and 5 of the Pond Scum Pumpkin Edition are waiting to adorn your shelves for $35 and $45 respectively.  

    There's much more coming, I'm just trying to digest it all in little bites so I don't choke.  Safety first my friends.

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