Monday, October 7, 2013

Peter Kato for New York Comic Con

    I've been wondering what happened to this guy.   Peter Kato is making his return to the toy world at New York Comic Con with some really different pieces that what we were used to seeing from him.  Different in a good way, not like when someone asks you what you think of their new tattoo and you say "well, that's different" because that's the nicest thing you can think of while concentrating really hard to make it look like you're not gonna puke.  Do your research people, just cause someone does tattoos doesn't mean they do them well.  That is my public service announcement for today.

    Check out this Mole Tank dude.  Peter has really upped his game with this guy.  There will be two different versions available.  The one up top there is an exclusive to Toy Tokyo and is limited to 12 pieces for $30 each.  The one you see below will be available through Peter's web store and at the Onell Design booth on Saturday from 4-7pm and Sunday from 1-5pm.

    These guys look too cute to go into battle.  But maybe that's the Army Jack's secret weapon, the distract you with their adorableness and before you know if they have you locked up in Guantanamo Bay.  Each 1 inch figure is only $5, so you could build a literal army of them if you wanted to.  

    But why have an army is you have no one to do battle with?  So you're gonna need some of these Tako-Terriansto protect the earth from.  They will be $10 each at the show and online.  

    There will also be these linocut prints in an edition of 15 for $5 each and these buttons for $1 each that will be available when re-opens this Thursday, October 10th.  

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