Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kronk x Pobber Toys Bad Ass "Snowflake" Edition for Minty Fresh

    This is my favorite colorway of the Bad Ass figure from Kronk and Pobber Toys.  Maybe it's because I like the winter and this dude totally looks like an abominable snowman.  Or maybe it's because it's the "Snowflake" edition and he looks like he is serving 25-life on a murder conviction.  The name "Snowflake" will never have the innocence of a small puppy dog anymore. 

     This convict-looking monkey is limited to only 50 pieces and is an exclusive to everyone's favorite designer toy store in the Netherlands, Minty Fresh.  He goes on sale tomorrow and you can check out the handy time zone listing for your part of the world in the picture up there.  Ain't it nice when things are easy.       

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