Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Shub Zeroth Collaboration from Blobpus x Metacrypt

    There are things that once seen cannot be unseen.  Images that will bore themselves into your subconscious mind only the emerge in your dreams and haunt you for the rest of your days.  Unholy terrors so great you will yearn for the days when all you had to fear was being touched by Miley Cyrus's chicken butt (look it up, for I dare not gaze upon it again).  Behold Shub Zeroth as painted by the master Blobpus!!!  And his little friend too!!!!

    Metacrypt has teamed up with the kaiju guru for this special two figure release.  You only have 5 days to accept that your life is over and these are your new masters.  Beginning  November 28th at midnight (Japanese time) and ending December 2nd at midnight (Japanese time) you can preorder this most deadly of toy sets.  Here is how you become a disciple of madness:

Overseas Order (Outside Japan)
Check out BLObPUS BLOG to order by email.

Domestic Order (Inside Japan)

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