Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mini-Cheestroyer Kickstarter Campaign from Bad Teeth and Double Haunt

    I get a lot of emails.  Usually they are for things like car insurance, male enhancement pills, and stuff that princes in Nigeria send asking me to help them get their money out of the country while making me incredibly rich.  But I received one today promising me a toy that had everything I could ever want.  Oh yeah?  That's a lofty promise my friend as I.....ooooooh look, he has a tentacle arm.  SOLD!  

    Evidently Bad Teeth and Double Haunt do know exactly what I want in a toy because they have turned me on to this creation of theirs.  The Mini-Cheestroyer is a hybrid, cheeseburger-headed, monster thing that is sure to raise your bad cholesterol ad he destroys your city.  This is what happens immediately after you digest a McDonald's hamburger.  It reforms into a terrible beast hell bent on making your intestines it's prison wife.  

     As with all Kickstarters there are tons of bonus and exclusive things you can get depending on your level of pledge.  They have a comic book, resin and vinyl figures, and hand painted one-offs.  It's a cool little toy, reasonably priced, and deserves to be in production.  Help them out by clicking here

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