Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Swamp Zombie" Bones from Mike Egan Releases Black Friday

    Black Friday has always sounded like a great premise for a horror movie.  Think about it:  you have tons of people out shopping in what is supposed to be a happy time of year.  The last thing they are thinking about is for some masked madman to come ripping through there with a chainsaw and turning Black Friday RED!  If you read that last part like guy with the really deep voice who does all the movie trailers you would totally give me all your money so I could make this film cause it sounds that good.  There's trailers full of money to be made Hollywood, so let's do this.  And I swear to God if someone does it and I don't get credit I'm gonna sue the living crap out of everyone.  And by credit I mean a UHaul truck full of cash.  

    Mike Egan obviously gets how awesome it would be to see a thousand people trapped in Wal-Mart with some murderous beast.  How could he not when he is releasing his Swamp Zombie editions of his Bones figure on Black Friday?  Hell, a few of these guys could be the evil that has befallen the bargain shoppers.  I'd watch that.  

    He hand painted 25 of these dudes and they come with their own coffin for when they wanna nap.  $150 will get you one when they go on sale at 12am Eastern time at http://mikeegan.bigcartel.com.

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