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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sugar Lamb, Go! Black Sheep Edition from Brandi Milne x 3DRetro

    Ever wonder where that black sheep from this Minor Threat album ended up?  Sure he ran away from the herd, hell bent on doing his own thing cause you weren't the boss of him.  But did he find the life he was looking for?  Did he realize his punk rock fantasy?  Well, today we have answers.  Like many outcasts before him, he ran away to join the circus.  We have exclusive photos of him in his new life as a carousel animal:

    He certainly looks happy enough, carrying around this girl and her mighty load of peppermints.  This is Sugar, Lamb Go! from Brandi Milne in an uber rare Black Sheep Edition.  How uber rare?  Well, she only has 20 of them available on her site.  They come signed too.  Get one now for that special black sheep in your life to show them you understand their struggles of trying to become the best toy blogger in the world.  Or something.  

Available now at

Monday, July 29, 2013

3DRetro SDCC Exclusives Now Available Online

    You know you wanted all of these toys.  You know you almost shorted out your laptop from drooling at everyone's pictures from San Diego Comic Con.  Drool no more my friends, as these exclusive toys can be yours without having to experience the smell of nerds packed together like sardines.  It's a unique funk let me tell you.  And who likes waiting in line for hours and hours just to spend money?  It's like "Here, let me be as uncomfortable as possible for a long period of time for the privilege of having my wallet emptied."  I'm still mad that I couldn't go.

    3DRetro had some of the best exclusives and thankfully they had some left overs.  Take a peak and if you like what you see you can visit and pick some up.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Top 10 Things I Want from SDCC

    It seems the popular thing to do on blogs is to create lists.  Fearing criminal prosecution from most of the lists I would like to post, I instead decided to make a list of 10 things I would like to own from San Diego Comic Con.  These are in no particular order.

    Anytime someone around me is complaining of any physical ailment I always tell them that their symptoms are consistent with that of a tapeworm living in their gut.  Thus far, I have only been successful at getting one person to actually go to the doctor with this concern, but I keep trying.  

    Ferg x Grody Shogun made this Young Gohst with a major parasitic issue for Lulubell Toy Bodega's booth #5045.  Get one on Saturday for $45.

    Ferg also made this big ol suicidal cat for Rotofugi's booth #5248 starting tonight for $120.

    I pretty much want everything Frank Kozik makes, but I narrowed it down to two things I really really really want.  First up is the hand painted Mr. Monsanto.  This releases tomorrow at 2pm at his booth #5051 for $100.

    The second thing is this Mishka collaboration Labbit from Kidrobot.  I haven't even seen what it looks like but I know it's a must have.  These will be $99.99 at booth # 4995 on Saturday at noon. 

    It all of a sudden got real cute in here.  Balance is the key to life my friends, so I've gotta balance out the blood and guts with some sugar and spice.  Brandi Milne's Sugar Lamb, Go! fits the bill.  For $90 you can get this at 3DRetro's booth #5051.  

    Also from 3DRetro comes this little ice cream dude from Gary Baseman.  He's only $55, which I think is a deal.  

    Retro Outlaw has given the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter a new mission:  jump over Snake Canyon on your motorcycle, while on fire, while watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.  Piece of cake, dummies.  Visit booth #929, give 'em $120, and live forever in glory! 

    Classic He-Man figures with Charles Manson heads and custom paint jobs from Skinner? Yeah, I'll take one of those.  DKE will be selling 50 of these, each one unique, for $150.  Get one Friday at 11am.  

    Speaking of Skinner, look at these guys.  He designed the one on the left while Paul Kaiju designed the one on the right and sculpted them booth.  Get the set for $55 from Lulubell Toy Bodega booth #5045 on Friday.  

Last, but certainly not least, is this 8 inch Dunny from Jon-Paul Kaiser x Kidrobot.  Again, who knows what it looks like, but who cares!  It's not gonna suck.  Get one Friday at noon from booth #4945.

Well there you have it.  I'm sure I forgot some stuff.  As always, presents are always appreciated and tax deductible.***

***Probably not though

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sugar, Lamb, Go! from Brandi Milne x 3D Retro for SDCC

    OH MY GAWD this is precious!  I don't mean that in a sarcastic way either, I mean it in a rip your face off and feed it to a rabid raccoon cause this is so cute you could die sort of way.  I wanna carry this around in my beard with me everywhere I go.  We could listen to death metal together, and watch reenactments of the dark ages on the History Channel, and get into bar fights.  

   Brandi Milne is the artist behind this amazing creation.  What I like about her is that her painting have so much exaggerated movement in them, like everything in the scene could completely succumb to a strong breeze whipping through the canvas.  I already have her other toy Bunny, Ride, Go!  and this  would be a fine companion piece indeed.  3D Retro is releasing 200 of these at San Diego Comic Con and hopefully only 199 people want one so I can by the leftover peppermint lamb lady.  I will crush someone's skull if they buy the last one.  Unless they were planning to mail it to me, in which case I will smack them on the hiney and yell "good play."