Monday, July 29, 2013

3DRetro SDCC Exclusives Now Available Online

    You know you wanted all of these toys.  You know you almost shorted out your laptop from drooling at everyone's pictures from San Diego Comic Con.  Drool no more my friends, as these exclusive toys can be yours without having to experience the smell of nerds packed together like sardines.  It's a unique funk let me tell you.  And who likes waiting in line for hours and hours just to spend money?  It's like "Here, let me be as uncomfortable as possible for a long period of time for the privilege of having my wallet emptied."  I'm still mad that I couldn't go.

    3DRetro had some of the best exclusives and thankfully they had some left overs.  Take a peak and if you like what you see you can visit and pick some up.  

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