Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Releases Tomorrow from Kidrobot

    Not all of us are fortunate enough today to be among those attending San Diego Comic Con.  Some of us are geographically challenged, while so of us have bills to pay.  Whatever the reason, I know it sucks to hear about all the cool stuff that's releasing that you can't be there to snag.  I'm sitting at home, watching Jerry Springer and weeping with the rest of you.  

    Kidrobot has some cool releases for this year's convention and they've been nice enough to ensure that we can take advantage of at least a few of them.  Like their debut collaboration with Marvel, this Venom and Wolverine Labbit.  Here's why these guys are cool to me:  for one, I love the Labbit.  You could make a My Little Pony Labbit and I'd still be somewhat excited about it.  And secondly:  it's Marvel!  Rather than make separate figures they took the iconic characters and put them on an established platform.  It's a great way to blend the two worlds and hopefully introduce new people into the world of vinyl toy collecting.  Which is desperately needed if the toy community is gonna grow.   These are $49.99 each and release tomorrow, July 18th.

    You can also pick up these new 6 inch figures of Zombie Bart and Zoidberg.  Not necessarily my thing, but hey, I can't fall in love with every chunk of plastic I meet.  I'm no toy slut.  

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