Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More SDCC Exclusives from Super7

    I think just about every post I've done recently has had the word "more" in the title.  That's because all of these toy companies stagger their comic con release announcements to build up hype and drive people like me insane.  I wanna see it all now!!!!!  

    These are the final 2 exclusives from Super7 for San Diego Comic Con, and neither one of them suck.  I really like this new Monoghost figure.  The color scheme is cool and the graphics really work well set against clear vinyl.  And it stands over 9 inches tall, so that's a lot of figure for $65.

    These guys are my favorite of all their releases.  I love the Pocket Rose Vampire and Mummy Boy figures and these dudes are even smaller.  They're like, nostril size.  You get one of each figure for $20 cast in one of the two colors you see.  Just don't actually stick them in your nose or you may have to take what would be one of the dumbest trips to the emergency room ever.

    Speaking of pocket-sized figures, here are three for you.  The ever popular Rose Vampire and two Baseball Boys done up in San Diego Padres colors.  Each of these will be $25 and I personally would go for the Rose Vampire without question.  

    Here's a recap of every vinyl toy that they'll have for you.  Time to look into that second mortgage.

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