Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello Kitty Halloween Figures from Funko


    Who doesn't love Hello Kitty?  I'll tell you who...sociopaths and communists, neither of which you want as your neighbors.  Hello Kitty can make even the most jaded of souls smile, especially when she dwesses up in her wittle costumes.  Just imagine how cute I looked saying that.  

    Funko has harnessed the cuteness in these new Halloween mini figures.  They come blind boxed, so it's  like gambling but without the need for an intervention.  And who cares which one you get cause they're all gonna make you warm and fuzzy inside.  

    For you non-risk takers they also made these bigger toys that you can pick and choose which ones you get.  Or just buy them all cause you'll just regret it later if you don't.  All of them come out on August 8th.

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