Monday, July 22, 2013

Kidrobot x Marvel DIY Munny Series

    The do-it-yourself aspect of toys have really blown up in the past few years and it seems like everyone is adding their special touch to figures of one sort or another.  But if you're like me, your skills as an artist may not be something you're ready to share with the world just yet.  Never fear fellow toy maker wannabes, there is a solution.

    Kidrobot and Marvel are expanding on their already much talked about product launches with these DIY Munnys.  You can choose from Spiderman, Venom, Wolverine, or Iron Man and each one comes with foam stickers that you can use to bring the characters to life.  Use them as a jumping off point to further enhance your painting skills, or just leave them as they are and decorate your house with your favorite super heroes.  They will be making various sizes of the figures, but these 7 inch ones release this Thursday, July 25th, for $19.99 each.  

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