Friday, July 5, 2013

Mimobot Exclusives for SDCC

    I'm bad at organization. Terrible even. I bought a filing cabinet, got a ton of folders, and still nothing is organized. Most likely because the folders are in a pile in the corner and the filing cabinet's drawers are full of papers I've just thrown in there haphazardly. Well, papers and random stuff I find my cat Icarus trying to eat. I'll be typing away at the computer when I hear a wet, chewing noise, and then I have to tackle him to remove whatever he was trying to injest. My filing system has gone to hell.

    If I could only fully embrace the digital world, then I would have a sure fire solution to my predicament with these Mimobots. And like everyone else, they have some exclusive ones available at San Diego Comic Con. Being a big Star Wars fan, the Chewbacca one is my obvious favorite, but they have a bunch of others available too. Check out what they've revealed so far and buy yours at or at booth #2913M in The Star Wars Pavillion.

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