Monday, July 22, 2013

Matt A*s "Color Blind" Solo Show at Suburban Vinyl

    Matt Anderson is one of those guys that has taken toy making to levels far beyond action figures or cute little rabbits.  Any time I've seen him customize a toy you really have to search to find the original buried deep within the transformation.  That is by no means a bad thing at all, and he'll probably punch me for saying it, but it has really pushed him into the world of fine art.  His creations are intense and he is finally getting a long overdue solo show to put a large amount of his work on display.  

    Just by looking at the flyer up there, how could you not want to spend this Saturday from 6pm-9pm at Suburban Vinyl in Waldwick, NJ?  Plus you can buy exclusive stuff, like this Outsmart Originals t-shirt:

Or this edition of five sculptures that each comes with a different color glow in the dark glass canister:

    If you can't make the trek to the show you can see a preview of the show online at at 5pm on July 25th.  Any pieces from the show that haven't been sold will also make their way to that site on Tuesday July 29th.  

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