Friday, July 12, 2013

More SDCC Releases from 3DRetro

I think I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown if Comic Con isn't over soon.  I literally can't keep up with all the cool stuff coming out.  I also am not sleeping much while trying to plan my future in crime to be able to afford all of this on the secondary market.  

    Frank Kozik and 3DRetro are sharing a booth, so it's convenient that they should have an exclusive together.  Only 50 of his Clockwork Carrot figure got the glow in the dark treatment and $140 in American currency will get you one.  You bring pesos, you get laughed at.

    You can begin your own Octopup breeding business with this four pack from Nathan Hamill.  Ok, you can't really breed them because they're plastic, but that warped little mind of yours will probably try anyway.  A mere $40 will get you all of them in this exclusive set.  

    This guy will come in handy when you're crying yourself to sleep on the plane because you realize all your stuff got repossessed while you were away.  Scott Tolleson and Luke Chueh combined forces to make you your new favorite snuggle buddy.  Go on, tell him all your feelings.  After you cough up the $40 though, cause nobody is gonna buy it after you cry all over him.  

Find these and many more at booth #5051.

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