Monday, July 15, 2013

Frank Kozik Customs at SDCC

    We've seen all the cool production stuff that Frank Kozik will have available at Comic Con, but hat if you want something more personal?  Something that was made with a gentle touch, a skillful eye, and all while making the face of grumpy cat?

    Then you're in luck, cause Mr. Kozik has two hand painted releases that await your cash monies.  Mr. Monsanto up there is a very important squid.  He has power, he has influence, he has a green pimp suit.  Only 25 were made and they will be $100 each.  

    This pleases the heathen gods of tremolo picking and corpse paint.  It's a Black Metal Mishka Bootleg!!!!!!  You can't see it, but I just spit blood all over my computer when I typed that.  I like to get into chracter to make everything more authentic.  13 of these were brought into this world and for $200 you can help separate them so their true power will never be realized.  Or so that Frank has room for more cats.  

Get these and much much more at booth #5051.  

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