Friday, July 19, 2013

Custom Demon Micro Negora from Max Toy Co. x Soko Cat

    This guy would totally reminds me of my cat Icarus if instead of a fish he was holding a human skull.  See, Icarus is the evil genius of the three we have.  He even invented his own game of hunting down dust bunnies and putting them on the floor vents, then he waits for the air conditioning to kick on and shoot them up in the air where he can chase them.  It's pretty amazing.  So I have no doubt that as soon as he figures out how to access our bank account and get food delivered that my wife and I will mysteriously disappear.  If you don't hear from me for a week please notify the proper authorities.  

    Soko Cat painted up five of these Max Toy Co. Micro Negoras an is now offering them up for sale in her webstore.  Check out and get yourself a kitty that has no secret agenda to kill you.  

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