Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Perorder Bullet Belt from Skinner x Unbox Industries Now!!!!!

    This elephant would like you to know that if you try to take his tusks to carve into opium pipes he will fillet you like a fish and use your skin to make new chaps.  This is Bullet Belt and he was birthed from the twisted mind of Skinner and forged in plastic by Unbox Industries.  This is one bad toy.  And he comes with a little buddy figure, so you can finally live out your dream of making the sequel to Twins.  

    Preorders for this behemoth have started now and will last until July 31st. They are making these dudes to order, so don't expect to stumble upon one by walking into a shop, cause it won't happen.  Go to http://unboxindustries.bigcartel.com/ to get one now or forever disappoint your mother.  

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