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Monday, May 9, 2016

Jelly The Robot Plush Kickstarter from The Jelly Empire

    My grandma used to have a single grape vine in her backyard and every year she would make the best jelly you would ever taste in your life.  She'd prepare a case worth of these little mason jars filled with purple goodness to last us the rest of the year.  Even with her culinary skills she never built an empire on the backs of those grapes; she was at best running a jelly fringe group.

    The Jelly Empire, from what I can tell, has nothing to do with peanut butter's best friend and everything to do with cute robot creations.  Now she's taking them from small resin figures into the world of giant plush.  She's half way to raising the money she needs to start production and with the magic of Kickstarter you can help her get the rest. Check out this link and get in on all the exclusive rewards that will coincide with your pledge level.  Admit it, you need more soft and cuddly things in your life.   

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Resin Ornament Sets Featuring Argonaut Resins, The Jelly Empire, and Laura Alvarez

    I guess you could be lame and buy some Honey Boo Boo or Duck Dynasty Christmas ornaments from Wal Mart to fill your tree this year, or you could buy something much cooler and that won't make your family question your ability to feed yourself.  

     Argonaut Resins has created these holiday ornament sets in collaboration with The Jelly Empire and Laura Alvarez just in the nick of time to save your Christmas decorating blunders.  Each set comes with three sparkly handcrafted ornaments and will be available for sale starting tomorrow, December 12th, at noon eastern time.  Pick up a set or two at


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seen at NYCC 2013: Argonaut Resins and The Jelly Empire

    The use of resin to make toys has allowed for artists to create things on their own without the need of a a large company or tons of money to finance their endeavors.  Argonaut Resins and The Jelly Empire have been making their artistic visions come to life for years with this DIY attitude and had a great display of that work at New York Comic Con.  There are some remaining pieces available for sale on their respective websites, so after you are mesmerized by all the pictures I took you should check out and and support these great artists.