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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Horrible Adorables' Familiar Friends Custom Toy Show at Woot Bear

     I can't tell you the last time I went anywhere that wasn't work or the grocery store.  Actually, I can, as it was in March just before the pandemic hit hard.  My wife and I went to the art museum and thinking back on it now it's one of the things I miss doing the most.  I miss being inspired by what's in front of me and I miss seeing the possibilities of the creative mind other than on the internet. If you happen to be in the San Francisco area you can experience art again in person courtesy of Horrible Adorables and a ton of great custom figures.

   This Saturday August 1st, Woot Bear will be hosting the Familiar Friends custom show.  Utilizing the figure of the same name, tons of your favorite toy artists have lent their talents to reinterpret this magical vinyl toy.  You'll see work from Adrienne Slane, Andrea Kang, Angela Oster, Beanie Bat, Big C, The Bots,  Brett Manning, Ciou, Defectivepudding,  droolwool, Eimi Takano,  Elisabeth Holmes,  Erin Lagace, Frank Montano,  Owlberry Lane, Igor Ventura, Jellykoe, Jeremiah Ketner, JFO,  Joe Somers,  Johnny Draco, Jon-Paul Kaiser,  Kyle Kirwan,  Lana Crooks,  MJ Hsu,  Muju World,  Mumbot, OddFauna, PlushPlay,  Sad Salesman,  Small Thicket,  Theresa Hawkins, Tripper Dungan, valleyDweller, Vanessa Ramirez, and Victoria Rose.  And this will also be the first chance you have to purchase Jinxie the Fire Familiar and take super cute Instagram photos before anyone else.

    The show opens Saturday from 5-8pm, so pick out your nicest face mask and head to Woot Bear.  If you can't make it in person you can check out right now to preview all of the pieces from the show.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hang with The Sucklord this Saturday at Woot Bear

    Any opportunity you have to hang out with The Sucklord is guaranteed to be an interesting time.  What will he say?  What will he do?  Will anyone be wearing a shirt?  Find out for yourself when The Sucklord opens his solo show "A Little Gay, A Little Star Wars, a Little Bit of Everything!" this Saturday at Woot Bear in San Fransisco.  Bring your money and buy some awesome bootleg figures that will make you happy.  Like for real, you can't be upset when you look at his creations and if you are maybe you're a sociopath.  You should get that checked out.  

    All the details you need are in that picture there, so I really don't have much more to do here.  How's your week going?  Mine has been okay, same old same old ya know?  Good talking with ya.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Wootmumski and Wootkowski Figures from Scott Wilkowski x Woot Bear

    I attempted to say the title of this post out loud and thank God I was home alone otherwise my wife may have called an ambulance thinking I was having a stroke.  I did get a little light headed, but I'm no worse for it so let's soldier on.

   Scott Wilkowski and Woot Bear are poised to release what looks like a veritable butt ton (it's part of the metric system) of new little mascot dudes.  Not only will there be the standard one featuring both solid and infected editions, but this will also mark the debut of a mummified version who will also come in the previously mentioned forms.  These will be available in their store in San Francisco and online beginning tomorrow (Friday, January 13th) at noon pacific time.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Bedtime Bunnies with Peter Kato at Woot Bear

   Oh snap, just when you thought Peter Kato's Bedtime Bunnies couldn't be any cuter, now they've gone and gotten slippers made to look like the Woot Bear logo.  There's actually a good reason for it too, as Peter and his little resin friends will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary of existence at the store on Saturday, May 14th.  From 6-9pm you can go and meet Peter (who is like the nicest dude in the universe) pick up one of these exclusive bunnies, and even score some bonus accessories for them    like one of these cat cups or ducks:

I would drink my juice out of these for the rest of my life.

    Each accessory is random and you get one free with each bunny.  The good thing too is that if you're not lucky enough to live in San Francisco you have nothing to worry about because these Bedtime Bunnies will be available online as well through

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Woot Bear Exclusive Bedtime Bunny from Peter Kato

    It's borderline criminal that nap times aren't factored into the average American work day.  Right now I get a half hour for lunch, which is barely enough time to make any progress in whatever book I'm reading at the time due to the constant interruptions.  For some reason a book is a magnet for unwanted conversation.  But beyond that, I think it should be mandatory that every business shut down for one hour to allow its employees to take a nap.  Actually, let's make it an hour and a half because it takes me forever to wake up and get my bearings, so a little bit of a cushion would be beneficial.  How did we grow up, brag about the fact that we were now adults and could eat cookies for dinner, and neglect the importance of a daily nap?  Travesty.

   I bet all the employees at Woot Bear take naps, cause they're reasonable folks.  And what better way to inspire your next bout of leisure time than with one of Peter Kato's Bedtime Bunnies.  This exclusive white bunny with pink slippers just wants you to take a break from the stress of your day so you don't snap and go on a rampage.  We all know you're on the brink.

    He'll be available Friday April 15th at noon pacific time.  


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mishka Dunny Series from Kidrobot + Release Party

    Oh my goodness this is the craziest Dunny series ever made.  They got zombie looking ones, crazy animals with guns and forked tongues.  There's even one that looks like you're creepy uncle Ted. This series is not for people that have never been in a fight or haven't had a tetanus booster shot in the last five years.  Each one is decorated with pure snake venom and contains the angry soul of a biker demon.  I want them all.

   Mishka and Kidrobot have teamed up to bring you these Dunnys that are sure to make your mother cry and tell all her friends how disappointed she is in you.  She doesn't get you man, but I do!  These are being released into the wild on Friday, March 11th, but if you're lucky enough to live in the San Francisco area you can get yours a day early by going to the release party at Woot Bear/Kidrobot SF.  Hit it up from 6-9pm, buy a ton of toys, and trade with your fellow collectors.

Here's a few of my favorite designs from the series:

Monday, January 5, 2015

Meet Nathan Jurevicius at Woot Bear This Weekend

    Have you ever been so tired that you start dreaming while you're awake?  Like, for whatever perfectly legal reason that doesn't necessitate police investigation, you've been unable to sleep and you start seeing weird stuff that isn't there.  I used to work as an overnight dj for a commercial radio station, which meant I had to attempt to sleep during the day so I could stay up all night and entertain long haul truckers and drug addicts.  Sometimes my sleep plans didn't always work out the way I wanted and I would find myself driving home at 6am and seeing imaginary people walking across the otherwise empty Garden State Parkway.  When I went back to college it would happen as well; I'd be half asleep in one of those painfully boring 8am classes and would dream that I yelled out something ridiculous about "not petting the lions" then I would snap awake and wait nervously to see if I had actually said it out loud.  Thankfully I was able to keep my nonsense firmly packed away in my own head.  

    This dude reminds me of something that would come to you in those foggy states of consciousness, maybe leading you on an epic adventure that seems like it would make for a great book or movie until you think about it later and realize how you can't even make sense of it.  Nathan Jurevicius has teamed up with Pobber Toys to offer his take on Gary Ham's Sylvan vinyl toy, and the results resemble your new spirit guide.  You can pick one up this weekend at Woot Bear in San Francisco, as Nathan will be doing a signing there Saturday evening, and you even get a free print with purchase so you can spruce up your living quarters.  


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Woot Bear Grand Opening this Saturday!!!

    You know what I'm gonna be doing this Saturday?  Working.  Twice actually.  Gotta go to the day job, then gonna go make some extra scratch lugging around concert equipment at a casino.  Begin crying your tears of sorrow for me any time now.  

    Just kidding cause I like working.  Gives me a sense of pride that I can go out and support my family.  But I also like toys, and hobnobbing with artists and collectors, which makes me sad that I'm gonna totally miss the opening of Frank Kozik's Woot Bear gallery and toy store.  Also, it's kind of a far drive from New Jersey to California, so that plays a small part into why I can't go.  But the good news for you is that I'm one less person you'll have to compete with for all the stuff you want.  Like those massive Heathrows you see there, or any of the three other special releases that will be happening this Saturday as part of their Grand Opening.  Don't worry, I'll only be slightly jealous.  

    Get any other info you need over at