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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Alternate Reality Blister from Nathan Jurevicius x Gums Productions

    I haven't know what to do with my hair for years.  I used to have long hair that hung past my shoulders and that was easy because I would just part it down the middle and be done with it.  Now that it's short it just kind of lays their like a squirrel skin rug and I don't know if I'm allowing it to live up to it's full potential.  Once it starts getting longer it feathers like a 1980's NHL referee and that is not good, so I just get it cut shorter again.  I feel stuck in a vicious cycle.

    These dudes are confident in their coifs and have even accentuated their manes with jaunty little hats.  Nathan Jurevicius toys are always the epitome of effortless style and the Alternate Reality Blisters from Gums Productions are no exception.  Made of beautifully painted soft vinyl, there are two different color schemes for these members of class cephalopoda and both are available for preorder right now at  

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Technicolor Owl Clam Lottery from Nathan Jurevicius x Toy Art Gallery

   We've all been there: you're wandering around a music festival in the summer heat.  Your body is having an adverse reaction to stomach medication that unbeknownst to you requires you to stay out of direct sunlight.  Your wife goes to the bathroom and when she returns you're not there as you've been helped to the medical tent suffering from weakness and hallucinations.  Just when all hope seems lost, The Great Owl Clam appears to you.  Armed with an ice pack and a soothing voice like Jim Morrison,  he ensures that everything will not only be ok, but they will be awesome.  After you go to the emergency room though.

    A few days after.

     It's still embarrassing.

   Follow the technicolor dream boat that is the Owl Clam to find your own inner peace.  Sprung forth from the mind of Nathan Jurevicius and produced by Toy Art Gallery, this wonder of Japanese plastic can be yours by entering a lottery to purchase.  From now until Monday at noon pacific time, you can send an email to sales(at) with "Owl Clam Lottery" as the subject.  Please include your Paypal address and shipping info as well, and only enter once.  God speed.


Friday, June 30, 2017

Blue Oyster Owl Clam from Nathan Jurevicius x Toy Art Gallery

    I'm gonna out hipster all the hipsters with my newest idea.  This is what's gonna secure my place as an eccentric old man years before I need to really be good at it.  First, I'm gonna give all my shirts away and buy a bunch of pocket tees.  No, you can't have them either, I'm gonna mail them to wherever they send those sports shirts from the losing team of championship games so that my magic goes world wide.  Next, I'm gonna get a screech owl and carry him around everywhere in my pocket. Oh my God, I can hear the collective sigh of not only every dude with his typewriter in Starbucks, but every old back woods bro who thought he won the crazy game with his raccoon he walks on a leash whenever he goes into town.  You'd think my wife isn't behind this idea but she wants a screech owl so badly it has blinded her to my madness.  His name is Tilda Swinton by the way and he is not interested in coming to your birthday party unless the cake is made of mice.  Good luck with that.

I love how judgmental they look.  Could you have disappointed a bird any more than this?

    Until I figure out how to buy my pocket screech owl I will practice with a less temperamental stand in like this Owl Clam from Nathan Jurevicius x Toy Art Gallery.  This toy literally consists of a shell fish that is harboring some owl fugitives.  It's pretty nuts, and it can be all yours when this Blue Oyster version releases later today at noon pacific time only from

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nathan Jurevicius Presents The Nightriders Mini Series from Kidrobot

    There are mysterious goings on in the dead of night, and I'm not just talking about that family of raccoons who have been treating your trash cans like a casino buffet.  I'm talking about more mystical happenings involving otherworldly creatures who are not in fact interested in pillaging your mom’s green bean casserole.  These are the Nightriders, a group of bird spirits that can travel between worlds as they carry with them information of things unseen.  See, even when you think no one is all up in your business your secrets are still not safe.  If they weren't so dang cute I would be at the store right now buying aluminum foil to cover all my windows and make hats out of to confuse their secret-gathering methods.

    Will they reveal all of their otherworldly knowledge to you?  There’s only one way to find out when these critters from Nathan Jurevicius are released.  Featuring a mixture of Dunny and Munnyworld figures, this blind boxed mini series is beautiful in its simplicity.  And each figure comes with a bonus, stackable owl companion!  Now you can finally realize your dream of having a stackable owl companion named Felix who solves riddles and collects magic-infused gemstones..  That's kind of a weird dream to have when you think about it.

    These will be available starting Friday, January 29th on and wherever you prefer to buy your designer toys.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Meet Nathan Jurevicius at Woot Bear This Weekend

    Have you ever been so tired that you start dreaming while you're awake?  Like, for whatever perfectly legal reason that doesn't necessitate police investigation, you've been unable to sleep and you start seeing weird stuff that isn't there.  I used to work as an overnight dj for a commercial radio station, which meant I had to attempt to sleep during the day so I could stay up all night and entertain long haul truckers and drug addicts.  Sometimes my sleep plans didn't always work out the way I wanted and I would find myself driving home at 6am and seeing imaginary people walking across the otherwise empty Garden State Parkway.  When I went back to college it would happen as well; I'd be half asleep in one of those painfully boring 8am classes and would dream that I yelled out something ridiculous about "not petting the lions" then I would snap awake and wait nervously to see if I had actually said it out loud.  Thankfully I was able to keep my nonsense firmly packed away in my own head.  

    This dude reminds me of something that would come to you in those foggy states of consciousness, maybe leading you on an epic adventure that seems like it would make for a great book or movie until you think about it later and realize how you can't even make sense of it.  Nathan Jurevicius has teamed up with Pobber Toys to offer his take on Gary Ham's Sylvan vinyl toy, and the results resemble your new spirit guide.  You can pick one up this weekend at Woot Bear in San Francisco, as Nathan will be doing a signing there Saturday evening, and you even get a free print with purchase so you can spruce up your living quarters.