Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Alternate Reality Blister from Nathan Jurevicius x Gums Productions

    I haven't know what to do with my hair for years.  I used to have long hair that hung past my shoulders and that was easy because I would just part it down the middle and be done with it.  Now that it's short it just kind of lays their like a squirrel skin rug and I don't know if I'm allowing it to live up to it's full potential.  Once it starts getting longer it feathers like a 1980's NHL referee and that is not good, so I just get it cut shorter again.  I feel stuck in a vicious cycle.

    These dudes are confident in their coifs and have even accentuated their manes with jaunty little hats.  Nathan Jurevicius toys are always the epitome of effortless style and the Alternate Reality Blisters from Gums Productions are no exception.  Made of beautifully painted soft vinyl, there are two different color schemes for these members of class cephalopoda and both are available for preorder right now at https://shop.gumsproductions.com.  

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