Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MP Gautheron Dunny Series from Kidrobot


    Good Lord have mercy on my soul these might be the most beautiful Dunnys I have ever seen.  I've been an admirer of MP Gautheron's work for some time, but seeing it applied to my favorite platform toy has left me weak in the knees.  Luckily I'm sitting down because I certainly don't need any more head injuries in my life.  This sprawling collection of 38 figures will be going on sale this Saturday, October 21st, at 10 am mountain time exclusively through the Kidrobot website.  No word on pricing just yet, but if someone wants to go ahead and buy my Mustang GT I have for sale I won't feel so guilty about trying to get one.  It's a 2002 and still purrs like a kitty cat.  A giant mechanical kitty that will snap the head off of every Smart Car you pass on the highway.  I'll cut you a good deal.

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