Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Veg-A-Bow Wooden Figure from Cameron Tiede

    I need one of these little dudes to keep at work for when I have to deal with unreasonable people.  When someone starts going off the deep end like it's the first time they've ever left the house, I'll just pull this guy out of a drawer, set him down in front of them, and wait.  I don't believe that anyone can continue to be hateful when confronted with that face.  If you can then there's little hope for you and you should proceed to the nearest cave to live out your existence.

    May I present to you Veg-A-Bow, the happiest little wooden figure you ever did see.  Sprung from the mind of Cameron Tiede, she comes with a print so you get a double dose of cuteness and is even articulated at the neck via a magnet.  This toy is sunshine and you need it in your life.   Get one now by visiting www.woodcandyworkshop.com.

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