Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Brick Red Edition Kub from Mike Fudge x UVD Toys

  The world is crazy right now, as I'm sure you know, but the weather in New Jersey has been all like "hold my beer" and turned things up a notch.  The other day it was 60 degrees out and it magically starts snowing out.  Granted, it only lasted for five minutes, but it was really weird and almost more snow than we had all winter.  Yesterday we were under tornado watch all day, which is one of those things that never happens here.  Today I wore my heavy jacket and I have my hard hat in the car just in case the intensity of these weather events ramps up to Biblical plague level.  Frogs look soft until they're smacking you in the head from the cruising altitude of a 747.

    Mike Fudge's wildly popular Kub vinyl figure seems well dressed for anything this apocalyptic weather could throw at him.  This version is knows as the brick red edition, well, because that's what color it is.  Not everything has to be overly complicated.  UVD Toys will have this 7 inch figure available starting tomorrow, Wednesday April 15th, at noon eastern time.  Limited to 100 pieces and retailing for $75 each, they can be had directly from the source at www.uvdtoys.com

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