Thursday, October 26, 2023

Burn It Down Pink Edition from Czee13


    I've seen the slogan "eat the rich" a lot in the last few years, and having come to terms that I myself will most likely not be one of them, I'm not really concerned about their well being. Seriously, the ultra wealthy are responsible for crapping the world up, so sorry if I don't shed a tear. But what I really need to know is are we literally eating them or is it just a catchy slogan for any type of general downfall? I mean, there's a whole lot of people who don't care for Elon Musk and out of those I'm sure a few who are atleast cannibal-curious, but that's a big task. And are we looking for clean plate club type eating or just symbolic gnawing on like a thigh or something? Honestly, I'm a bit picky and I'll be happy to cheer you on like it's Nathan's Famous on July 4th, but I'll probably just eat before I get there if it's all the same. 

    The spirit of chaos and anarchy is alive and well in Czee's latest figure, appropriately named Burn it Down. This resin creation is limited to only 13 pieces, comes with fun merry making accessories, and is housed on a signed and numbered card. This pink edition goes on sale Friday, October 27th at 2pm eastern time only at this link

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