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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cronus Magnus Kickstarter Campaign from Full Blown Ink

     You must be thinking right now that I've lost my mind; that not that long ago I posted about this very toy asking you to help support a funding campaign in order to get it made.  You're right, because that did indeed happen, but this time it's new and improved and featured on Kickstarter.  Full Blown Ink had been running this campaign on a different site but for whatever reason that didn't work out, so he quickly moved it and now for reals this time needs your help.  Go to this link and snag yourself one of these evil bad robot dudes and be a part of toy making history.   

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Support the Cronus Magnus Funding Campaign from Full Blown Ink


    Were you aware that Indiegogo is not a hipster strip club?  This completely changes my weekend plans.  While I sulk about having to reconfigure what was to be two days worth of stories I could share with the world, you should head over to this link and support this freakish beast robot from Full Blown Ink.  Meant to be an arch nemesis to his previously produced Vulkira figure, this dude looks ready to tank the real estate market in a city near you.  

    This mean lookin mother needs your help to become a real toy though. Check out the campaign here to fund this dude.  There's lots of exclusive rewards and you'll get to go to sleep every night with the satisfaction that all of this happened because of you.  Well, not just you, but its ok sometimes to let your ego run wild.