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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Sucklord Got Arrested Accessory Pack for Charity

    Of course The Sucklord would come up with the most unique item to auction for charity.  Beyond being something that is surely interesting, it might be one of the most compelling pieces of protest art I've seen in recent memory.  It's raw and poignant and irreverent and uncomfortable which is everything great art should be.

   The story behind it is that while participating in a peaceful protest, The Sucklord was attacked by a police officer and required hospitalization before his arrest.  The reason he wasn't more seriously injured is because another officer stepped in and stopped his colleague from continuing the assault.  This collection documents what it takes to enact social change in our country, which we have seen happen on different levels in response.  It's something different from someone who is known more for his tongue firmly planted in cheek approach to art, but also something I could see as hanging in a museum one day as an important statement of social change.

    If you want to own this grouping or artifacts, you need to head to this link and place your bid on eBay.  One hundred percent of the proceeds are being donated to the Brooklyn Bail Fund to help out people that find themselves in the same situation.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Five Points Fest Booth Visit: The Sucklord

    You can't have a convention in New York without having The Sucklord there.  The man runs the resin syndicate of Chinatown and he was there slingin his insane creations all weekend long.  He had new figures, old figures, and even a bin of discarded bits and pieces that was so popular I barely could take a picture of it.  I give him credit though, because once I elbowed my way through it was kind of fun digging through the archive of miscasts and trying to make your own mash up.

    Check out more of my photos at and see what The Sucklord has left over for you to buy at

   Oh and if you have an hour to kill, like your in the middle of surgery and that crap is just getting boring, check out The Suckhour featuring Frank Kozik.  I watched some of it last night and if you're a creative type who wants to make a living at it the first half hour will smack you across the face with some valuable knowledge and hard truths.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Suck-Pop Gay Empire Pin from The Sucklord

    Not everything you want to do in life is practical.  For instance I'm never going to headline Wrestlemania and I've lightly come to terms with that.  And you are never going to be able to wear one of The Sucklord's resin figures on your jean jacket without having your mental stability questioned.  But fear not, because the always enterprising man behind the brand has solved that problem with this new enamel pin.  For a mere $13 you can take the essence of The Sucklord wherever you go.  Stick it right next to your Def Leppard patch and feel confident as you entire into any business meeting.  Pin it to your lunch box and make that peanut butter and jelly sandwich look like something Gordon Ramsey would punch a baby to eat.  Pierce your ear with it and learn all about infectious disease from your trip to the emergency room.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination/pain threshold.  

Available now from