Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Super7 at DesignerCon

    If you happen to find yourself in Pasadena, California this weekend and are at a loss for something to do, then you should go to DesignerCon and visit the lovely people from Super7.  Then you could pick up the exclusive Rose Vampire figure, or the Mossy Rocks Burgerbuns.  Each one is $65 and the Rose Vampire comes with an exclusive print that you can get signed by Joel Herbolsheimer who is the creator of the figure.  Sounds better than going to that dumb wine tasting you had planned.  

New Vinyl Toys from GIANTmicrobes

    These are amazing!!!  You've probably seen the giant plush germs and viruses that are made by GIANTmicrobes, but now they also make vinyl toys.  My favorite is Mortimer, who is the Bubonic Plague or Black Death.  He comes complete with sickle and is ready to reap some European peasants.  They have others too, like the little bed bug guy below, but Mortimer is definitely the best representation of just how bad a little microscopic critter can be.  The best part is that they only cost $12.98, which is pretty dang affordable to catch the plague and you don't have to worry about bleeding from your orifices or eating at that sketchy buffet around the corner.

Monday, October 31, 2011

And the Winner's are..

    Click here to see if you were one of our Zombie Minimate winners!!! Big thanks to Diamond Select Toys for the awesome prizes.

Raven Hex Figure from Diamond Select Toys

 Diamond Select Toys continues their Femme Fatales line with this new figure of Raven Hex.  Besides being the dream girl of every boy who ever played Dungeons and Dragons or owned a Dimmu Borgir album, she is also the sister of Tarot, who is likewise created by comic dude Jim Balent.  This PVC statue will be available sometime in the coming year and will likely be in the $40 range, which is not bad considering this is the closest you're ever going to get to a girl this mean that won't steal your credit card or kill your plants.  

Shawnimals Ninja of the Month

    The Ninja of the Month for November has just been revealed and I don't think he's on the hunt for turkey.  This zombie ninja from Shawnimals is a take on the exclusive he did at New York Comic Con a few weeks ago.  You can snatch him up on November 2nd at 1pm CDT for $30 by clicking here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kronk x Kidrobot Yankee Pig Dog Labbit

    I was just thinking to myself how I might make it past Christmas without buying anymore toys this year and then I see this.  Kronk and Kidrobot are releasing a second version of the Yankee Pig Dog, this time in black.  Having already picked up his green brother at New York Comic Con, there's no way I can pass up the chance to add another one to my collection.  And just like before, the folks at Kidrobot are warning us ahead of time about the imperfections of the piece.  But having stared at the one I own for a few weeks now I can tell you that any worries you may have about quality will be dashed once you hold one in your hands.  These things are amazing and if you pass it up you'll definitely regret it.  This version is limited to 900 pieces worldwide and will cost $69.  Buy yourself an early Christmas present on November 17th.  

Kozik x Kidrobot Christmas Dunny

Frosty's gone bad.  Like drinking, smoking, and most likely womanizing bad.  And with his heathen ways he has adopted the name "Crusty" and has immortalized it in yellow snow for all the girls and boys to see.  Kozik and Kidrobot are bringing the holiday cheer with this guy, who also has a melted counterpart that is considered a chase figure (it looks like it would be kinda easy to tell which one you were getting just by giving a little squeeze to the box).  On November 3rd you can pick one up for $11.95 and then mail it to me.  Or keep it for yourself if you're cheap.