Friday, October 28, 2011

Kronk x Kidrobot Yankee Pig Dog Labbit

    I was just thinking to myself how I might make it past Christmas without buying anymore toys this year and then I see this.  Kronk and Kidrobot are releasing a second version of the Yankee Pig Dog, this time in black.  Having already picked up his green brother at New York Comic Con, there's no way I can pass up the chance to add another one to my collection.  And just like before, the folks at Kidrobot are warning us ahead of time about the imperfections of the piece.  But having stared at the one I own for a few weeks now I can tell you that any worries you may have about quality will be dashed once you hold one in your hands.  These things are amazing and if you pass it up you'll definitely regret it.  This version is limited to 900 pieces worldwide and will cost $69.  Buy yourself an early Christmas present on November 17th.  

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