Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Toys From Monster Pants

When I got an email about this I had no idea who Monster Pants were. I thought maybe they were like Zubaz who made the really gaudy animal striped lounge wear that was in the colors of your favorite team. Thank God I was wrong. Monster Pants are in fact the company behind the films Automatons and Satan Hates You and not they are branching out into toys and t-shirts. The toys are hand made and cast in resin and have a really weird 1970's feel to them which I dig.
The first figure is the Robot Companion which stand 3 and 3/4 inches and is limited to only 66 pieces. For him to be your friend it will run you $24. Up next they have a version of their logo with his zipped up mouth. These guys look like they could be props in a low budget horror film and that's why I love them. The red and green editions are both limited to 22 pieces and will cost $66. Click here and pre order your now before they're gone and you cry yourself to sleep.

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