Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shawnimals x Kidrobot Ninja Town Plush

You know what you need in your life? Cuddly little ninja people. No, seriously, they make everything better. You got a problem with someone at work? Sick your ninja on them. You lose an arm in an industrial accident? Ninja will keep the wound clean and free from infection. There is nothing they can't do. Shawnimals has joined forces with Kidrobot to ensure no one is left without a ninja at their disposal. On November 3rd you can choose from the whopping 14" Wee Ninja for $29.95, the slightly smaller but just as potent 9" Wee Ninja for $17.95, or if you wanna go super stealth then you can pick from the fine array of Pocket Ninjas for $9.95. But I say forget making touch decisions and just create yourself an instant army when you buy them all. Decisions are for politicians and no one wants to be labeled one of those.

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