Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kosplay from Ajee

Amazing French artist Ajee made the trip to New York Comic Con this year to show off her forthcoming Kosplay figure sets. We were lucky enough to meet Ajee and speak to her a bit about the figures. They will come in three different versions; black and white, all black, and glow in the dark. As awesome as these look in the pictures they are even more amazing in person and we were lucky enough to photograph them. These will not be available for sale until the end of November, but f you go to the Bonus Toys website right now you can pre order the version that you want and they will ship it anywhere in the world for free!! These are going to be very limited (as in less than 200 each most likely), so if you want one you need to pre order it right now!!!!!!! This was the first thing I did after I fed my cats, who were kinda pissed at me for leaving them overnight to go to the con.

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