Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Exclusive Mork Figures from Pobber Toys

    Check out these two new exclusive Mork figures from MAD and Pobber Toys. The white one above is an exclusive for DeKorner and will make it's debut at Wondercon later this week. Only 50 of them exist in the whole world and they are $85 each.

    The second, more evilier of the two is an exclusive for Art Attack Toys. I like the black on black flame details of this one a lot, as it gives it a subtle touch of personality. Yet again, there will only be 50 but he's a little cheaper at $79.95. You can add him to your already stuffed entertainment center on April 1st.

Scott Tolleson Cavey for Wondercon

    Check this little bro out.  His name is Tolly and he is the brain child of Scott Tolleson and designer A Little Stranger.  He is one of the many adorable Cavey plush toys that have been available for some time now.  This guy will be available at Wondercon this week, but for those not attending you can also order yours from the Hey Cavey website on March 19th at 8pm London time (that sounds so much fancier than "eastern" or "pacific").  Each one of these little critters is hand made and comes with plenty of extras to sweeten the deal.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Harley Quinn Play Arts Kai Figure

    Oh what do we have here?  Is it another Harley Quinn figure?  Not that I have a nerd crush or anything, but she's all decked out in her costume from one of my favorite video games, so yeah, I'm a tad smitten.  This figure is made by Play Arts Kai, who have done a few others based on the Arkham Asylum video game.  Standing at nearly 9 inches tall and featuring 26 points of articulation (she's not only insane, she's also a gymnast) she will be available in June for $59.99.  If you scroll down to the bottom of this blog you can click on the Entertainment Earth banner and preorder her now.  Or you can buy other stuff by clicking on the banner and supporting one of our advertisers.  Yay!

More Spike Wad Colorways from Jeffrey Lamm

    Jeffrey Lamm and Unbox Industries just keep taunting us with these Spike Wad figures in a vast array of color schemes.  Now they show us this all black version, who looks like he could have an impending lawsuit against a big oil company after a being trapped in a spill.

    And they also have the more festive version you see below.  While the black one is cool, you really don't get a sense for how amazing this figure is until every detail is highlighted in bright colors.  As I've posted before, if you want release info you gotta hit up the Unbox Industries website and sign up for their mailing list.  Once these things go on sale they won't last long.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Super7 Wondercon Exclusive Foster

     Those of you lucky enough to attend Wondercon in California will be able to snag this little guy up before the rest of us.  It's the Strawberry Caramel Delight Foster from Super7.  A cookie that eats other, smaller cookies?  That will trip you out if you think about it too long.  Super7 will be holding down the fort at booth # 369 so pay them a visit and $25 for this cookie cannibal.

Tenacious Toys x Scott Tolleson Qee Kickstarter Project

    Is it considered carrying a concealed weapon if you're armed with argyle?  I mean, I guess it could cause someone harm who was a bit of a fashion snob, maybe giving them an elevated heartbeat.  But there would really need to be a preexisting medical condition for it to do serious damage, so I'm betting all charges would be dropped once it went to trial.

    This is Uncle Argh, who you may have remembered being a tad more colorful when he was first released last year from Toy2r.  Well now he's gone all gloomy on us in this special Noir Edition that will be an exclusive for Tenacious Toys.  I say "will be" because everything is sitting at the factory waiting to go, but they gotta drum up some funds first.  Hey, making toys ain't cheap, but you can help by going here and preordering the figure.  Or if you want some cool exclusive stuff from the artist behind the toy, Scott Tolleson, you can give more.  How many of us really get to have a say in the actual creation of a toy?  I know no one ever asks me what I think, so this is our chance to feel like a part of this project.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Custom Toy of the Week: Shawn Wigs

    The amazing toy concoction you see here is the work of customizer Shawn Wigs.  It was created as part of the Bad Applez Inc. online show "I'm a Bad Apple."  He manages to incorporate a Dunny, Munny, and Apple Jacks cereal, which I'm sure is the first time such a feat has even been attempted.  This is just a small taste of the work that Shawn puts out, as he is one of the most prolific customizers out there.  Check out his website and get yourself some originals sucka.