Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lunabee and Podgy Panda x Cris Rose

     We have a sweet theme going today: all toys that release today! It's more sporting if I wait until the last minute to show you things you're gonna want really bad. First let's take a look at this collaboration between Lunabee and Cris Rose. The amount of detail packed into these little guys is mind blowing and these might be my favorite pieces ever from both artists. These go on sale today at 7pm London time by going to

     Cris Rose isn't content with just having one set of figures release today, so he and Podgy Panda have these Podgonauts characters also making their debut. Each one has a unique expression on their wee panda faces and one lucky buyer will get a special monkey mechanic chase figure with their purchase. I knew NASA had to make some serious cutbacks, but I didn't realize they were hitting up the zoo to keep the shuttle in working order. Get your cosmic team together by going to today.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Melting and Spike Mini Qees from Toy2r

    Everybody is getting in on the toy customizing craze these days. You can find blank vinyl figures at Target and Micheal's but nothing beats the originals. Toy2r is reinventing their popular blanks by adding some pretty crazy textures to fuel your creativity. Above you can see the 5 inch Mini Qee Bear with a bit of a melting look to him. And below you can see the same figure yet this time he is covered in pointy spikes. These still leave a lot of blank space for artwork but these probably won't be for everyone as some may see their embellishments as limiting. I think they would be great just left as they are and used as purely decorative items, but that's all up to you. Each one is $20 and available to order now.

Koralie x Kidrobot "Arlequine" 3 Inch Dunny

    Kidrobot you're killing me. It's not the fact that this 3 inch Dunny from Koralie isn't amazing, and it's not that is releases on April 12th for $14.95 and is limited to only 1,500 pieces. No, what kills me is that this is only available at your retail locations, of which there are 6 of in the entire world. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Why you no sell this online Kidrobot? Come oooooooooooon, I've got my credit card ready.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Batman Vinyl Invader Figure from Funko

     So where was giant mecha Batman when Godzilla was dancing all over Tokyo for the umpteenth time? He would have shown that lizard who was boss and probably would have been a bit more manageable that hiring King Kong. But now you can buy this epic Vinyl Invader figure from Funko and protect all the miniature cities you may or may not have. This Japanese inspired Dark Knight stands at 11 inches tall and will retail for $29.99 this July. You should buy one.

CrappyCat Crap Stink Splasher Edition

    Two of the most beautiful things in this word are cats and deals.  Rarely are those ever combined, as all my kitties think it's hilarious to rack up insane vet bills without feeling the need to go out and find jobs.  CrappyCat is gonna change all that for me this week though.  Check out this boatload of loot you can score for a paltry $35:  You get two Stink Splasher Edition figures (one CrappyCat and one FlunkMonkey), and a signed and numbered poster that will make all of the other art in your house feel a touch inadequate.  These are limited to only 125 sets in the whole world and will be available starting April 4th at 2pm eastern time.  You will only have a 48 hour window to purchase these, but they probably won't even last that long cause they're more awesome than a video of a raver chick making out with a tree.  Get yours here:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Black Resin Mini Mad*l from MAD

      Hot on the heels of his clear resin mini Mad*ls, MAD has teased us with this picture of the forthcoming black edition.  The first versions of these sold out in a matter of minutes and this one will no doubt follow that trend.  If you want to know more you better follow MAD on Twitter and Facebook at the addresses below, because you never know when he's just gonna put these on sale without any advance warning.

Twitter: @MADLbrand, @MADtoydesign


Darth Malgus Lifesize Figure Update

Here's your update on this big ole toy. It costs $6000. It's also 7 feet tall and does blinky things. If you've got some sick money lying around and need a creepy Sith Lord to watch over your house while you're away, then Sideshow Collectibles is standing by to take your order. Ok, I'm not even gonna lie, I want one. I'm browsing Craigslist right now trying to find somebody to buy one of my kidneys.