Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Melting and Spike Mini Qees from Toy2r

    Everybody is getting in on the toy customizing craze these days. You can find blank vinyl figures at Target and Micheal's but nothing beats the originals. Toy2r is reinventing their popular blanks by adding some pretty crazy textures to fuel your creativity. Above you can see the 5 inch Mini Qee Bear with a bit of a melting look to him. And below you can see the same figure yet this time he is covered in pointy spikes. These still leave a lot of blank space for artwork but these probably won't be for everyone as some may see their embellishments as limiting. I think they would be great just left as they are and used as purely decorative items, but that's all up to you. Each one is $20 and available to order now.

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