Thursday, April 12, 2012

Huck Gee x The Beast Brothers Skullendario Royal Guard

    You know what time it is? It's time to spend all that tax money you just got back from the government. Forget buying your kids a new bike, or fixing that leaking roof. Those things are for suckers, and you my friend, are no sucker. Instead, buy this beautiful work of art from Huck Gee and The Beast Brothers. This Royal Guard figure is the second in their Skullendario collaborative series, which blends the best of their talents into a disturbing typhoon of awesome. This swanky toy is hand made, detailed with real Swarovski crystals, and comes packaged in a laser engraved wooden box. Just like last time, this guy will go one sale for a 24 hour period for $475 and they will only make the amount that is ordered. If you want to get one your window opens April 20th at 1pm. Don't be a wussy, just get one and apologize to your landlord later for that lack of rent payment. He'll understand.

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