Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Unruly Variant Edition Mictlan from Unruly Industries x Jesse Hernandez

    Most of us will never get the chance for a second appearance after we are ushered into the after life by the God of Death.  This world will be but a distant memory as we cross over to what lies beyond.  Rising from the grave hasn't been made to look like an attractive proposal by Hollywood, but not all of those who come back are doomed to stumble around like its the parking lot after a Judas Priest concert.  Jesse Hernandez's Mictlan figure has lived one life before, but now with the help of Unruly Industries this Aztec reaper has reentered our world.

    This vinyl figure is decked out in a blacklight reactive color scheme that is poised to trip you out while you're sampling grandma's glaucoma medication.  Standing at six inches tall this vinyl figure is limited to 750 pieces and available now by checking out this link.

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