Friday, March 6, 2020

Shub Grub Sofubi Debut from Wonder Goblin


    This figure has me torn, because worms are fun, especially the parasitic variety that I try and convince people they have, but so is the otherworldly-ness that this toy clearly evokes.  Do I talk about the dangers of undercooked fish or do I go with the mysterious Lovecraftian creatures that call the darkness home and wish nothing more than to turn our minds to mush?  Never mind, inspiration has struck in superbly grotesque fashion: hydatid cysts.

   Combining the best of both aforementioned worlds, hydatid cysts are sacs that grow in your brain due to the presence of tape worm babies.  They're just in their swimming around in a nausea-inducing sauna that puts all sorts of pressure on your brain and makes you miserable.  If you really want to have a good time you should look up videos of them being surgically removed as the doctors have to do their best not to break them open and unleash those worm babies in your skull.  Anybody else hungry?

     Wonder Goblin is releasing the debut of his Shub Grub figure via lottery system tomorrow (Saturday, March 7th) at noon eastern time.  This version glows in the dark and under black light, is limited to 30 pieces, and priced at $50 each plus shipping.  If this is just the larval stage, a fully grown one might be too much for our reptile brains to comprehend.

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