Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Win Horrible Adorables Latest Figure and Help Your Favorite Toy Stores

    I'm sure a lot of you are sitting at home right now feeling kinda helpless in the face of this pandemic.  And while some of you may be occupying your time trying to figure out whether that tiger lady killed her husband or not, others may be feeling kinda lost.  Horrible Adorables have come up with a really cool way that you can help small business owners from the comfort and safety of your own home while being the first to obtain their latest Fuzzy Friends figure.

   I cant imagine the stress that small business owners are under right now, especially if their means of support is something non essential.  Toy retailers are being hit very hard right now but there's a cool way you can get involved while getting some new toys to brighten your day in the process.  Horrible Adorables will be giving away 8 of their new Podgy the Hedgehog figures when you support your favorite toy stores.  The first store up is Rotofugi, and all you have to do is spend at least $20 online with them, dm your proof of purchase to Horrible Adorables on Instagram (winner will be drawn on 04/01 at 9pm eastern time) and you could win.  There will be 8 different stores in total, so the next chance to win will involve a completely different retailer.  Keep your eyes peeled at this link so you can see which store is up next!

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