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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Acid Green 18 Inch Aliens Warrior from Super7

    Halloween isn't just about turning your lights off and pretending not to be home to prevent freeloaders from taking all of your snacks.   Nope, it's also about treating yourself to some new toys to make you forget about your seasonal depression and the ball of snot that has lodged itself in your head until spring.  Super7 is making it look a whole lot more like Christmas with this Acid Green Alien Warrior figure.  Standing 18 inches tall, this plastic beast will be going on sale Halloween day through and their retail locations.   Tell the neighborhood kids to get jobs and buy yourself this instead of candy.  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Celebrate Alien Day With Blind Boxed ReAction Figures from Super7

    There's no better way to celebrate something than with new toys.  Whether it's a promotion at work, the birth of a child, or not stabbing someone in the face who was practically begging to be stabbed in the face, you should always mark momentous occasions by treating yourself to something nice.  Since today is Alien Day(the post office still delivers mail today, right?) there's no better way to  have a good time than with some blind box Xenomorphs from Super7.  These ReAction figures come in one of three different colors that will totally be a surprise until you rip open the packaging to see what you've got.  These are available at all Super7 retail locations and will be online starting at non pacific time today at  

    On a side note, did you see Kenny Powers is gonna be in the new Alien movie?  I know it's the guy that plays Kenny Powers, but I'm just thinking how amazing a crossover that would have been.  Ideas like this make me wonder why I'm not allowed to make big decisions.