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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

"Strange Flower" Ushi-Oni from Cereal Box Toys x Tenacious Toys


    At my day job I was sitting across the desk from a customer when out of the corner of my eye I saw something descend from the ceiling.  This tiny little spider went full blown Mission Impossible and rappelled directly into her hair.  And when I say hair I mean she had a massive amount of curls that this little dude could get lost in and set up shop virtually undetected until the next time she shampooed.  Not knowing how she would react to a spider on her person and not wanting her to smack and kill it, I had to think quickly to save her dignity and his tiny life.  

"This is kinda weird but I need you to hold still for a second."

   I reached over and snatched the little spider out before he could find any prime real estate. Thankfully she wasn't upset when I showed it to her before putting him outside so he could run free and do whatever it is spiders dream of doing.  And that's why, should the zombie apocalype fall upon us, you should elect me as leader of your survival tribe. I can take decisive action while maintaining a level of compassion so desperately rare in the wasteland.  

    Had he been the same size or looked like the Ushi-Oni from Cereal Box Toys I may have been less inclined to help and more likely to have saved myself.  You're no longer a hero if you don't live long enough to make it to the medal ceremony at the end of the movie.  These Pokemon inspired arachnids are a super limited edition of three pieces and exclusive to Tenacious Toys.  Measuring ten inches wide by six inches tall, they will be $120 each when they go on sale Friday, March 12 at noon eastern time at

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Metallic Burst Ushi-Oni from Guumon x Cereal Box Toys

     A few days ago while I was at work I was sitting across the desk from a customer when I just so happen to notice something dangling above her head.  This little furry spider had descended on a thread like an art thief breaking into a museum.  He hung there momentarily before dropping into her hair and nearly disappearing from sight. I had two options here:  I could say nothing and let the spider could go about his business, possibly unknown to the woman (she had a lot of curly hair) or I could remove the little guy myself, ensuring he would live on without fear of being mangled by a hairbrush.  I chose option number two.  I told her to hold still for a second, reached in and plucked the curious arachnid out.  She looked at me like I was completely crazy until I opened my hand to show her what it was, at which time I was pretty sure she was going to pay off the balance of my car loan as thanks.  I let the spider go and and everyone lived happily ever after.

   Had my spider friend been the size or had the looks of Ushi-Oni from Cereal Box Toys he would have been free to do with her what he wished.  I don't mess with supernatural arachnids as a general rule and being that I'm still alive I'd say I've prove its merit.  World famous vinyl artist Guumon has added his signature metallic/oil slick paint job to a limited run of five of these and the only way to own one is via lottery system.  Starting tomorrow (Thursday June 11) until Sunday June 14 you can enter by sliding into Guumon's DMs on Instagram here.  They will be $250 in the US, $275 everywhere else, which includes shipping.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

New Ushi-Oni Sofubi Colorways from Cereal Box Toys

    The break room at my job often times looks like people were attempting to combine their lunch with professional wrestling. I cant understand how bits of food manage to end up under the table, in the electrical closet, near-ish to the trash can, under the trash can, on the keyboard attached ro the server in a locked IT room, etc. Naturally, all sorts of little critters get a whiff of those crumbs and are all like "don't mind if I do" and dance their way inside from their otherwise happy outdoor lives. Which then leads to spiders, the natural predator of said critters, dancing their way inside to set up shop and take advantage of the free range buffet dwellers. Their presence leads to screams at various pitches and calls for me to relocate the eight legged opportunists or risk them being squashed under heel. I'd like to think I have a commemorative statue in wherever it is the majority of spiders congregate that describes the amount of their lives I've saved from certain death over the years. I hope they had a good reference picture to use for the sculpture, as I'd rather not have my Vanilla Ice inspired haircut from middle school be immortalized for the ages.

   If this dude made his way into my place of business I don't think he would need much assistance from me, as he appears to be able to handle his own business.  Although, the more I look at him, Ushi-Oni from Cereal Box Toys does have kind of a cute, maybe even sad face.  You almost want to hug him a little, tell him everything is gonna be alright, until you realize he has a skull for a butthole.  You think I'm kidding, then explain this:

  That sure is one way to hide your evil side.  Innovative skull placement aside, I really like this figure, as it is so different from anything anyone else is making right now.  

  This dude is extremely limited in two different colorways and only three figures of each.  They will be $80 and available this Friday, February 14 at 3pm eastern time from