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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Color Changing Dunnys from Naptime Noah x Corner 12 x Kidrobot

    Usually when stuff changes color in my house I assume a cat has peed on it.  I've been right a few times, especially when it comes to this chair in my living room, which we got as a bonus when we bought our couch off of a Craigslist ad.  That was when Craigslist was new and exciting and answering a post didn't mean a future appearance on the side of a milk carton.  I'm starting to wonder why they were so keen to make us take this chair as well, which at best coordinates nicely with the couch but in no way looks like they would have been purchased together.  I probably should have had someone from the crime lab check it out to make sure there wasn't any usable evidence for one of their unsolved cases.  I just figured they thought my wife and I looked like a nice young couple who was trying to furnish their first place on the cheap, but the fact that one of my cats is trying to cover a mysterious scent with pee pee makes me wonder what happened on it.  It's probably best I not know.

    Now that I've dissuaded anyone from ever wanting to sit on my furniture, it's time to tell you about something more pleasant.  Naptime Noah may be well known for his spontaneous bouts of micro sleep, but starting today he will now be known for creating an exclusive line of color changing Dunnys for Kidrobot.  They will come in three different sizes (3 inch, 5 inch, and 8 inch)and feature three different ways to alternate their color patterns.  Through the use of heat, cold air, or just shifting them in the light, you'll be able to transform them in ways no Dunny has ever before.  

    These will be available today, April 25th, at 9am pacific time only from  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fauxyard Dunny Series from Boro Bronson and Corner 12

     I took a ceramics class in high school for the same reason that I took three years of French: to meet girls.  Having seen the movie Ghost I knew that the way to a woman's heart is through a pottery wheel, and I was ready to sidle on up like the spectre of Patrick Swayze.  Much like my terrible French accent, ceramics was a total bust and I only made it of the class with a lopsided bowl and a really wonky looking mini toilet that I thought was so clever.  Spoiler alert: girls don't find wonky toilets endearing unless you also have a car that isn't a busted '84 Cadillac in beautiful primer gray that had as much a chance of starting the first time as I had of getting a phone number that wasn't a tow company's.

    My experiences with clay are as described above, but Boro Bronson has mastered the art of polymer on a geometric level.   He's created an entire Dunny series for Corner 12 that are covered in these clay tiles that create a mind blowing pattern all over the figures.  I don't have the patience for such work, as my eyes would cross and I would quickly find something new to do.  Each comes packed in a wooden box and will go on sale today at 12:12pm pacific time at