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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Help Kickstart Luna from The Bots x UVD Toys

    Sharon and I decided that we would put a bird feeder outside of the window that the cats like to lounge in to offer them something interesting to look at.  Right away it was a hit, attracting all types of song birds to our house and offering the kitties a slew of critters to get excited about seeing.  We bought the fancy seed that doesn't have the shells on it because as they start to pile up they rot and smell like someone broke open a sewer pipe.  It's kinda gross.  Of course the stuff without the shells is more expensive, which is not a big deal until you see these little birds flinging it all over the place trying to get to the few bits they actually want to eat.  I've been out there several times trying to explain to them our socio-economic status, but apparently birds are quite uninterested in the fact that I have bills to pay.  They're lucky they're cute.

    Luna is the type of critter that appreciates the veritable feast that put outside for her.  Cause she shows up with a light show fit for a Pink Floyd concert attached to her antlers.  Hopefully she also shows up at a reasonable hour to take part in that feast, because the last thing I need is to be woken up by flashing lights in the middle of the night.  Makes me nervous.

    Luna was created by The Bots and will be the first release under Urban Vinyl Daily's UVD Toys brand.  She's on Kickstarter right now raising the necessary funds to go into production and into the collections of folks like you.  Check out the link here, pledge what you can, and clear off some shelf space to welcome her into your home.     

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Freaks, Kinks, and Spazzes Preorder from Radioactive Uppercut Happening Tonight!

    I went to the doctor today and when I entered the room this is what I saw:

    Now let me expand on this a bit more.  While this would be a horrifying sight for any man to stumble upon, what made it worse was the fact that I was at the urologist having a follow up from The Great Kidney Stone Disaster of 2015 (as it's been dubbed in the media).  So be you man or woman, the only place this stuff was gonna end up was somewhere that would traumatize you (and make your pee hurt) for days to come.  I know what goes on in these places, heck I've got some stories that would make you put a pad lock on your jeans and hide in a closet, but I really don't need to see the aftermath of someone's urinary tract pain.  Hell, the hotel we stayed at in Brooklyn for Summerslam had better maid service than this, and there was a damn lucite wall between the tub and the bed.  I didn't go anywhere near this exam table except to take this picture and after than I parked my behind as far away as the architecture of the building would allow.  I wish they had comment cards so I could have rated the state of the room, cause urethra jelly and a box of tissues is worse than finding a dead body.  

    As you may have figured out, that story was just something I really had to share and has nothing at all to do with the toys you see pictured.  I view stories like this in the same way filmmakers viewed that VHS tape from the ring.  You gotta pass that trauma on if you want to have any peace.  Now, back to business.

    Radioactive Uppercut is opening up preorders tonight for his latest creations: Freak, Kinks, and Spazzes.  Those three little dudes are adorable in a gross way, kinda like your mom, and like I said before you can get your hands on them tonight at 8pm eastern time (also like your mom).  They were expertly sculpted by David Arshawsky of Turtle Milk Studios and are being cast in soft resin by Tru:Tek of Disart ToyLabs, which basically means they're of the utmost quality.  These little dudes stand 3 inches tall and are available individually for $30, or as a set for $87.  Look how cute they are, you wouldn't dare think of separating them from their friends would you?  Or are you one of those people who would see two kittens and just adopt one of them?  Don't be a sicko.  Do the right thing tonight by visiting