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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Relic of a Jupiter Tomb by Skinner x House of Gog


    Anyone my age that spent their younger years watching late night television in the hopes that the scrambled version of Cinemax would come into focus just long enough to see something of interest, remembers Miss Cleo. She was the woman who looked like a lunch lady and had a convincing Jamaican accent that would implore you to call her 1-900 number so she could tell you your fortune. She was dialed into the cosmos and could see forwards, backwards, and sideways and for the low price of $3.99 per minute she'd be happy to tell you all about it. I never had the nerve to try it myself, for I was less worried about the future than I was my stepfather getting the phone bill and the ensuing hell that would cause. I did consult a fortune teller on a Jersey Shore boardwalk once like Bruce Springsteen did, and the only thing I got out of that was my debit card number stolen.

    I would be easy to convince that Skinner had a direct line to some otherworldly folks and used them as the inspiration for his work, kind of like Pickman's Model. Is he warning us about what lies beyond the veil, just waiting for their chance to inhabit our minds like fleshy Oldmobiles, or is it that the monsters have always lived deep within us and he is the only one with a torch and the bravery to light the way to their discovery? 

    Relic of a Jupiter Tomb is the latest collaboration from the visionary artist and statue makers House of Gog. Prepare to have your psyche melted like a grilled cheese sandwich at a Phish show by this one. Standing nine inches tall and featuring a removable helmet with two different faces, you get a lot of look that you can change up on a whim, or when that little voice in your head that may or may not belong to you suggests it. Limited to 300 pieces and retailing for $325, you can preorder yours on Thursdsday, December 1st at 3pm eastern time at

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Moonstone Polyresin Statue from Pascal Blanche x House of Gog

    I like my women like I like my coffee: heavily armed and covered in the bones of their enemies.  How else do you think I knew my wife was the one for me?  Fans of Heavy Metal magazine may recognize this temperamental lady from the cover of issue number 270, or from the wall you tacked it to once you ripped it off.  Pascal Blanche is the man behind the original art of this demon hunting lady, and she looks well equipped for the task at hand.  Except clothing wise, which when you think about it is really smart as you don't want your prey latching onto you and tearing up your church clothes.  And the blood stains, can you imagine the various types of blood stains that an extraterrestrial demon would cause?  You'd just have to throw everything away.

     This is the first ever polystone statue from House of Gog and they're making one hell of a debut.  The detail is outrageous from her body armor, to her not legal no matter what kind of permits you have weaponry, to that mound of biological and mechanical debris she so proudly stands upon.  Now like any good woman she's gonna set you back a few bucks, but standing over 18 inches tall and loaded to the gills with extras, you're certainly getting your money's worth.  Check her out for yourself by visiting