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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daioh Negora from Konatsu x myplasticheart for NYCC

    As you may or may not have known, my wife and I spent a week out of town recently, which can be a perilous thing when you take care of five cats.  Not that they weren't well taken care of by my mother in law, but we still expected to be shunned like lepers when we came back.  That's usually how it works:  we arrive home, excited to hug them all on a rainbow, and they refuse to have anything to do with us.  I figure it's because they had come to terms with our demise and were trying to sever any emotional attachment they may have had and our sudden reappearance takes some getting used to.  Or they're just punishing us for having the audacity to not take them anywhere, even though attempting to get them into a car should be rewarded with medals and special recognition from Congress.  The last time I took Icarus to the vet the lacerations on my arms ended up getting more medical attention than he did.  They are a confusing bunch.

    If you want a cat that makes sense you should probably get a dog, or one of these sweet plastic ones from Konatsu.  myplasticheart will be doing a special release of this mega Daioh Negora during New York Comic Con and it is at the top of my list of things to try and get.  Hopefully everyone will be busy taking pictures of the thousand or so girls dressed as Harley Quinn and I can slip by without any problem, claim my prize, and celebrate with a mighty feast of convention food.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Even More NYCC Exclusives from myplasticheart

    My wife is losing her mind over these.  As I've told you before, she crochets, so she gets really excited when she sees anyone under the age of 150 doing something cool with the craft she loves.  Her future best friend Leesasaur has teamed up with Abe Lincoln Jr. for these Denbu figures.  Only 6 of each design were handmade with love.  And yarn, cause yarn is the most important part actually.

    Glop In a Box is a very descriptive name for this toy.  It's exactly what you get:  this big, green melty dude stuffed into a wooden crate.  That's called truth in advertising folks.  Andrew Bell is the man behind this toy and you can buy one from him directly for $120 when he makes an appearance on Saturday.  

    There's not one but TWO exclusive kitty releases this year?  Are you appealing to directly to me you clever folks?  The first one is this Negora from Konatsu.  This black kitty has some wacky mismatched eyes and can be yours for $35.  

    This next plastic feline comes to you courtesy of Chris Ryniak and Ferg.  He looks like he might be having a bad day.  Not only did he drive a sword through his own head, but he seems to be radioactive.  Hopefully he's only on life 5 or 6, cause this is gonna take some effort to recover from.  For $55 you can bring him home and use him to light the path to your bathroom at night.  

    Oooooooh, I dig this guy.  This is Mad's Modern Hero figure living out his Skeletor cosplay fantasy.  I'm digging this guy and I have a strong feeling he may be making the ride back to New Jersey with me.  $65 will get you one of your own so you don't have to touch mine.  I'm kinda weird about that.

Get these and tons more at the myplasticheart booth #113 at New York Comic Con.