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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Ultraman Chibi Kickstarter from Last Bastion Studios


    Space is at a premium when it comes to my house. My wife and I are both collectors and neither one of us is fortunate enough to only be obsessed with one thing. I envy those among you who have a singular interest that you can dedicate yourself to pursuing, mainly because it would save me a ton of money, but also because I'm running out of places to put things. I'm not only into designer toys, but I collect Godzilla figures, vintage Steiff, World's Fair memorabilia, guitar picks, Star Wars and whatever else happens to catch my attention. At this point drugs would be cheaper and would also solve my space problem because all of my things would be at the pawn shop. 

    Drugs are bad kids, and I was only kidding about that being a viable alternative. The real solution to the problem is to collect smaller things, like these Ultraman Chibi figures from Last Bastion Studios. At only three inches tall, anyone has room for these dudes no matter how full you've packed your living space. You can tuck em in between things, or on top of other things, or between things. You can hide them and then find them again one day and then it's like you got something new again. 

   These figures are officially licensed from Tsuburaya Productions but will only become a reality if their Kickstarter gets funded. Available rewards include both painted and blank versions, so check out this link and help these go into production. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Ragnar Vinyl Kaiju Kickstarter from Last Bastion Studios

    The only Ragnar I've ever known is the one made famous by the Vikings tv show.  Oddly enough he met his end after being thrown in a pit of slithering reptiles, though I doubt it is anything more than coincidence that the second Ragnar I know happens to be a turtle.  Or is it part of a deeper conspiracy involving the Illuminatti and the Reptilian Elite who secretly control the worlds oil and Mountain Dew reserves?  If you never hear from me again, you have your answer. 

   Ragnar the vinyl toy is a young Kaiju just trying to find his way in the world, which involves you helping him become reality.  Last Bastion Studios have a Kickstarter going right now to help fund production of this guy.  You can check out this link to become part of his story by backing it at various reward levels.  The project is very close to meeting its funding goal, so check it out and support if you can.